O-Men: Liege's Legion - BASTION (2nd Book of Red Team Crossover) 60000 / 85000 (71%)
Kelan & Fiona: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
Greer & Remi: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - MERC (3RD Book of Red Team Crossover) 14000 / 85000 (16%)
Angel & Wynn: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - GUERRE (4th & Last Book of Red Team Crossover) 0 / 85000 (0%)
Val & Ace: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
FREEDOM CODE (Sleeper SEALs) 72000 / 70000 (103%)
Max & Hope: A Red Team Wedding Novella 36900 / 25000 (144%)
Owen & Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella 30000 / 25000
O-Men: Liege's Legion - LIEGE (1st Book of Red Team Crossover) 97K / 85K (100%+)


O-Men: Liege’s Legion - Liege


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He’s not a robot. He’s not a human.

He’s both. 

Liege, changed against his will into a super soldier by nanotechnology, is driven to protect humanity from the evil intent of his enemies. But the deadly focus he was wired for comes to a crashing halt when he sees her, a female who ignites in him a very human hunger, one he no longer thought himself capable of feeling.

Summer Coltrane is oblivious to the powers swirling around her--light and dark, evil and good--until the veil between both worlds is ripped open and she’s plunged into a terrible power play between a darkly tempting warrior and his ruthless enemies.

To stay alive, she must join forces with Liege, a man who kills without remorse to save those he loves in a war no one in her world can know about.

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Read the first chapter now!

It’s not necessary to have read the Red Team stories before starting the O-Men, but you might enjoy it more with the background that the Red Team would provide. Also, Liege’s story is on the same timeline as the Red Team stories. So this book starts back at the end of September, roughly at the end of Kelan and Fiona’s story.

What's Next From Elaine Levine

O-Men: Liege's Legion - Bastion

O-Men: Liege’s Legion - Bastion is up next! If you read the last two Red Team wedding novellas (Max and Owen), then you will have already encountered Bastion. This story picks up the tale—Selena will finally get her happy-ever-after ending!



New and Exciting Adventures!

Elaine Levine - RED TEAM KU BINGE.jpg

I’m trying something that’s new for the Red Team series—I’m putting all 14 books into Kindle Unlimited for a 3-month trial.

I’ve come to realize that there are two large audiences of readers, one that prefers (or can only access) non-Amazon ebook outlets (NOOK, KOBO, Apple Books, Google Play), and one that vigorously stays within Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription service. Unfortunately, I can’t reach both populations simultaneously because Amazon requires exclusivity for books in their KU program.

Everything in this journey of being an indie author is always changing, and I have to be flexible and up-to-date with those changes. SO…I put the Red Team books into KU and took them off all other vendors. We’ll see how this experiment goes. All of the Red Team books are still available for sale (without the KU subscription) at Amazon. Amazon has free ereader apps for all devices, so if you haven’t finished reading that series, you can continue your Red Team book binge through Amazon.

All of my new releases will be sent to all ebook vendors and will stay wide until a few months or a year after the series is completed. After that time window, if this Kindle Unlimited experiment is successful, I will likely be putting the O-Men into KU as well. We’ll see—the ebook world may well take other new and exciting directions by then!

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription that costs $9.99. For that monthly fee, readers can select as many ebooks as they like, from those in the program, in batches of up to 10 at a time. If you read 3 ebooks or more a month, it might be worth your while to see if they are in the KU program. The subscription is a month-to-month deal, so you can drop in/drop out at will. And Amazon’s free ereader apps work on iOS and Android tablets and phones.

My moving the Red Team into KU should be a painless change for you—and one that might save you a good bit of money. If you have any problems, you know you can always contact me!