Greer & Remi: A Red Team Wedding Novella 31277 / 25000 (125%)
Angel & Wynn: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
Kelan & Fiona: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
Val & Ace: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - MERC (3RD Book of Red Team Crossover) 14000 / 85000 (16%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - GUERRE (4th & Last Book of Red Team Crossover) 0 / 85000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - LIEGE (1st Book of Red Team Crossover) 97K / 85K (100%+)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - BASTION (2nd Book of Red Team Crossover) 118500 / 85000 (138%)


O-Men: Liege’s Legion - Bastion

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The Matchmaker’s Curse says if the mutant accepts the match, then his fated mate must die. If he doesn’t accept it, then he must die… 

No one has yet survived the curse.


The threat coming for Selena Irving has been stalking her family for years, ruining her parents’ lives and pushing her onto the warrior’s path. She’s the only female yet to qualify for the elite dark ops unit in the Army called the Red Team, and while that shielded her for a little while, the nightmare’s begun again. Now she’s caught the eye of an alpha male with superpowers—her definition of trouble. Sexy-as-hell Bastion loves easily, laughs often, and cooks like a master chef. He’s also the only man to see through her defenses to the person she used to be…the woman she might have become had her past been different.

Bastion, changed against his will into a mutant warrior, is on a mission to find those responsible for stealing his life, intent on stopping their plans to unravel humanity. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but he bonds with Selena the first time he sees her, activating a curse neither of them can escape. His only chance to break it is to ruthlessly burrow into her secrets, forcing her to face her hidden scars, helping her heal before the danger headed her way can use her past to take her down—and everyone she loves with her.

What's Next From Elaine Levine

Greer and Remi: A Red Team Wedding Novella


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Dr. Remington Chase is finally ready to fulfill a promise she made to herself more than a decade earlier: confront the Grummonds and demand they release her mother’s body into her custody. She tried and failed earlier in a quest that wrecked her world and brought her to the attention of a group of terrorists…and one particular assassin hunting them: Greer Dawson.

This time, with Greer by her side, she learns the polygamist community that stole her childhood has crumbled from the inside out. A new secular town government has been put in place, and its mayor is more than happy to help Remi resolve the mystery of her mother’s resting place.

It isn’t until Greer’s family comes to Wolf Creek Bend for a reunion that the truth of Remi’s mother’s death is finally revealed—a truth so devastating that it might derail their spontaneous wedding plans.




RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN (Men of Defiance, Book1)

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This was my first-ever published book. I’d been writing, off and on, for 24 years by that point in my life. I had two other finished novels. One was a huge, long, Frankenstein of a story, which I actually threw away a few years ago. The second one is in a box (it was created on a typewriter, if that tells you anything). It features Julian McCaid’s brother (from AUDREY AND THE MAVERICK). I think I might clean that one up and publish it eventually.

I have no idea why I only produced 3 books in 24 years. That was back in the days when kids walked barefoot in the winter, uphill both ways, to school—so really, I can’t even remember. Rachel and Sager’s story was a turning point for me; it’s what caused us to pull up roots and move from the East Coast to Wyoming. I put everything I had into that book. It won a prestigious contest in 2007—Romance Writers of America’s top award for unpublished works, The Golden Heart™. A few months after winning the Long Historical Romance category, I sold the manuscript to Kensington Books. It was the first of four books I had with them.


Twelve years later, the publishing industry has undergone a sea change. Now, indie authors own the romance category of ebooks. Publishers aren’t the gatekeepers to reaching readers—we can do it independently. It’s a powerful time to be an author and an awesome time to be a reader!

RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN was the start of a wild ride, and, honestly, I’m very fond of Sager and Rachel’s love story. It’s sweet and sexy, set against the backdrop of a turbulent time in America’s past. I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s nothing like my romantic suspense works (nor should it be as a historical western!). Times were different in the Nineteenth Century. I started out writing historical fiction because I felt nostalgic for simpler times—no social media, no Big Brother, no preservatives in food… What I found, however, wasn’t simpler times. Every day was a fight for survival in a rugged world full of desperate people gaining and losing everything.

But you know what? There was still room to breathe in that world, room to ride miles and miles of unfenced land. I love that time and place. I have plans to bring out two more books soon—DULCIE AND THE BANDIT and one for the town’s new sheriff. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that in 2020. I’ve been looking forward to writing those books for a while, but I was waiting on getting all of my rights back from my publisher, which I now have.

So go grab RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN while it’s free! Hopefully, it will tempt you to visit the wild west for a little while as you slip from one book to the next in my Men of Defiance series. 

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