Are you interested in providing reviews for my books? I’ve hired Booksprout to handle that service for me. They are wonderful about sending out requested ARCs and helping me follow-up with promised reviews. You can register at Booksprout, then download their app to one of your devices (works on iOS and Android). With each new release, I’ll have a limited number of advanced reader copies (ARCs) available on a first-come, first-served basis. They’ll be posted on Booksprout’s site and you’ll be able to sign up for one. To stay on my list of approved reviewers, be sure to turn in your review to the site in a timely way!

And to all of you who to take the time to leave reviews of any of my books, either on your own or through Booksprout, I thank you a million times over! Reviews never need to be long. Don’t worry about summarizing the plot, but do be careful about giving away spoilers! And as always, your opinion—positive or negative—is what you have to write!

Did you know that you can leave reviews at all vendor sites, even if you didn’t purchase your copy from them? It really helps readers find my work if you post your review everywhere my books are available (Amazon, NOOK, KOBO, Google Play, and Apple Books). You can also post your reviews at sites like Goodreads and BookBub!

If you’ve received a free review copy from me, be sure to make that clear in your review, saying something like, “I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.” If you purchased the book you’re reviewing, no disclaimer is necessary.

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