Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to download an audiobook. Here's what to do with it:

To Listen to Your New Audiobook:

Here are the steps to redeeming and enjoying your audiobook:

  1. Immediately after your purchase is complete, you’ll be presented with an order confirmation page that contains the link to your new audiobook. You may start the download right away by clicking on the link provided or you may wait until you receive your receipt in your email.

  2. Once you begin your download, you will only have access to that download link for 24 hours.

  3. These audiobooks are between 200mg and 300mg. It’s recommended you download your audiobook over Wi-Fi so you don’t incur charges on your mobile data plan.

  4. Your downloaded content will be placed in your system’s preferred download file. PLEASE BE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO ACCESS THAT! It’s different for each device and operating system.

  5. Once the file has been downloaded, feel free to move it into whichever folder you’d like to use to play your audiobook.

  6. The audiobook is an MP3 type file, which should easily play on any music player.


Contact Elaine Levine at if you have followed these instructions and are still not able to access your new audiobook.

Copyrighted Material:

Please remember that each audiobook is copyrighted material licensed for your personal use. Audiobooks may not be shared or distributed.