Logan's Outlaw

Men of Defiance, Book 4

Sarah Hawkins survived capture by the Sioux, but after her escape she faced public scorn. Now, she'll do anything to start over, and the small town of Defiance promises the anonymity and security she needs. Before she melts into the shadows, though, it's her mission to put a great injustice to rights, and that means jeopardizing her safety once more. But this time, she's not alone.

Without meaning to, Sarah has fallen under the protection of Logan Taggert, a rough-and-tumble trader unused to caring for others - and yet unable to ignore the tempting, tenacious woman's plight. Though she refuses to trust him, Logan won't leave her side, keeping her one step ahead of danger...even as she takes hold of the very thing he never thought he'd risk: his heart.

Reviews for LOGAN'S OUTLAW:

“Really good, angsty, passionate western with a very tormented heroine, and an extremely sighworthy hero. The Indian/white conflict causes pangs within me that remind me why I avoid NA romance. Not because I don't care, but because I care too much. I have found a new western author in Elaine Levine. I will be reading her other books.” --Lady Danielle,Affaire de Coeur Magazine (adcmagazine.com, excerpted from Goodreads.com)

"Levine is an excellent writer who makes readers care about her characters, but also adds historical perspective on a part of the country she obviously loves. If readers want satisfying historical romance, they need go no further than Levine to get their fill."-- Pat Henshaw, All About Romance, selected as a Desert Isle Keeper!!