Agnes and the Renegade (Men of Defiance: Book 5)

Chayton's story is coming next week! This is the 5th installment in my Men of Defiance series. While I've tried to write it as a stand-alone, it should be read after RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN and LOGAN'S OUTLAW.

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The Men of Defiance series continues with the long-awaited conclusion to Chayton’s story!

The Artist...

Alone on the remote prairie in Wyoming Territory, Agnes Hamilton plans to spend a summer painting landscapes of the rugged terrain…until she comes face to face with the renegade Lakota warrior hiding out in the bluffs above her rented cabin. As wild as the territory, haunted by all he’s lost, the warrior becomes the focus of her art, filling canvas after canvas like a madness. 

…And the Warrior

Chayton has lost everything to the white invaders—his family, his tribe, his world. He lives in the hunting grounds stolen from his people, a Lakota warrior, feared by all, claimed by none…until she invades his valley—and his heart. Something about the blue-eyed woman draws him out of the dark place he’s existed in for so long, but loving her means he’ll have to step into her world and claim the heritage left him by his white mother…and that he will never do.