Razed Glory (Red Team #10)

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Raised inside the secret society of a hidden cult, Ace Myers has dedicated herself to exposing the crimes of her enemies…an endeavor she expects will cost her her life. Before her time runs out, there’s a wrong she must set right…a mission that causes her to cross paths with Valentino Parker and his team of counterterrorist operatives. 

Gorgeous, seductive, and way out of her reach, Val shows her another side of life, one of light and hope and possibilities that wake her heart and make her dream of things that can never be—not in her world, not in her lifetime.

Val Parker is pulling apart the mysteries woven around him, the puppet strings that prescribe his choices, which are slowly choking him. Nothing in his life was truly as he believed it, and his discoveries may cost him everything he holds dear—his family, his team, and Ace Myers…the one woman he wants to keep forever.


Ace Myers kept herself in as small and tight a ball as she could. For warmth. For cover. It was a pose she’d held for hours through the night in the shrubs outside Val’s home, just outside the reach of its cameras. Her leather jacket provided little warmth. The dry stalks of rough grass were pokey. She faced the wind to keep the smell of blood from searing her nostrils, even though it was dried now on her clothes, in her fingernails, in her hair. 

“There will come a time when you’ll have to kill,” Santo had warned her almost a decade ago. 

“I don’t want to kill,” she’d told him.

“What you want and what you’ll do will rarely be the same. Not in your life. You’re a warrior.”

“How will I handle the killing? How will I recover?”

Santo shut his eyes. His skin was thin and wrinkled, like stretchy crepe paper. But his body’s wrapper didn’t define him; she never doubted that inside him lay coiled the honed reflexes of a man who’d spent his entire life walking through the valley of the shadow of death. 

“You won’t judge yourself. Others will do that for you. God will do that. You’ll do what you have to, and move on.”

Santo, her teacher, had drilled that lesson into her over the long years she’d trained with him. No remorse…no regrets, no fear, no confusion, no doubt. No fucking emotion whatsoever. 

Tears slipped down her cheeks in warm, wet tracks that quickly turned cold. She didn’t want to be this thing she’d become anymore. She craved the transformation that the butterfly tattooed on her back promised. Her kills were becoming increasingly violent. The guy last night had needed a body bag to keep all of his friend together when he’d carried him out of her apartment. Still, the message wasn’t getting through to King. He kept sending men after her. And she kept sending them back in body bags. 

Everyone was expendable to him. Every one of his associates, the people in his army, his social circle, his family…their deaths were simply their tribute to him. 

When she found Adelaide’s son, when she could consider her purpose in this fucked up world completed, she’d make her own tribute to King.

She set her head on her knees and closed her eyes. Breathing through her mouth, she shut her senses to the taste of blood that still lingered. 

Sleep came instantly.

Razed Glory (c) 2016  Elaine Levine