Forsaken Duty (Red Team #9)

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Forsaken Duty (Red Team #9) 

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The only truth Owen Tremaine is certain of is that everything in his life has been a lie. Not only is his former fiancée alive, but so is their son…a child he never knew existed. Raised as a fighter in the resistance against a violent and secretive cult, Owen abandons his team, his family, everything to extract the woman he once loved and the son he’s never met from the clutches of his enemy.

Adelaide Jacobs has only loved one man…Owen Tremaine. She grew up in the long shadow he and her brother cast, toddling after them as much as her brother tolerated. Owen’s visits were the best memories of her childhood…until the day he saw her as a woman. They had one night together before hell took over her life in a war that’s framed her world ever since.

Now she’s a fighter too, battling an unknown disease that consumes a little more of her each day. She'll never forgive her brother for bringing Owen into her hell. The boy she worshiped as a child, who became the man she adored as a woman, now has eyes full of anger, fear, and regret…everything she’s feeling.

Is there enough time to find the cure so they can have the future they both thought they’d never have? Or is now—this very moment—all the time they’ll have?