Owen and Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella (Red Team #14)


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Writing love letters to a dead woman was the sum total of Owen Tremaine’s romantic prospects without Addy Jacobs in his life. 

When he learned she was still alive, and that she’d suffered far worse than a broken heart, he had to fight to regain her trust and convince her he wasn’t part of the machinations—by friend and foe alike—that had put them through hell.

So much has changed in the decade he and Addy lost—but their love never died. Owen’s learning to be a father to her boys—one of them his own son. They’re putting the pieces of their lives back together, beginning at the point they left off. 

And now it’s time for the wedding their enemies denied them so long ago, but can Owen put her dreams ahead of his fears when it comes to a dangerous choice they have to make?