O-Men: Liege's Legion - Liege


In this dark and seductive series starter from Elaine Levine, danger and passion bind an innocent woman and a warrior in the fight for their lives.

Sam Garrick, changed against his will into a super soldier by nanotechnology, is driven to alter the course of humanity, protecting it from the evil intent of his enemies. But all the deadly focus he was wired for comes to a crashing halt when he sees her, his light, his one true lifemate, a female his enemies intend to use against him in a violent war that threatens to expose their hidden world.

Summer Coltrane is oblivious to the powers swirling around her--light and dark, evil and good--until the veil between both worlds is ripped open and she’s plunged into a terrible power play between a darkly tempting warrior and his ruthless enemies.

To stay alive, she must join forces with Sam, a man who kills without remorse to save those he loves in a war no one in her world can know about.


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So...best laid plans and all that. I thought Bastion and Selena would be kicking off the first book of the new spinoff, but it turns that Liege had other ideas. Already they're scrambling my life. 

The O-Men mini series will be headlined by Liege. Bastion and Selena will definitely be the second book in the series.

I think you're going to love Liege. He's one of the rare heroes who is addictive--gentle, sweet, and deliciously ruthless--and so damn hungry for his heroine that he refused to wait any longer.

If you haven't yet read the Red Team, don't worry--you won't have to before picking up this series.


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