Owen & Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella 30000 / 25000
O-Men: Liege's Legion - LIEGE (1st Book of Red Team Spinoff) 10000 / 85000 (12%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - BASTION (2nd Book of Red Team Spinoff) 0 / 85000 (0%)
Kelan & Fiona: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
Greer & Remi: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - MERC (3RD Book of Red Team Spinoff) 0 / 85000 (0%)
Angel & Wynn: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
O-Men: Liege's Legion - GUERRE (4th & Last Book of Red Team Spinoff) 0 / 85000 (0%)
Val & Ace: A Red Team Wedding Novella 0 / 25000 (0%)
FORSAKEN DUTY (OWEN'S STORY) 100000 / 85000 (106%)
FREEDOM CODE (Sleeper SEALs - February 2018) 72000 / 70000 (103%)
Max & Hope: A Red Team Wedding Novella 36900 / 25000 (144%)


Max & Hope: A Red Team Wedding Novella (Red Team #13)


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The holidays have come fast to the team at Tremaine Industries. So much has happened since spring—families destroyed and reunited. Several threats have been terminated and others are just beginning.

Max Cameron finally has time for a breather, something he hasn’t had since he found Hope in the middle of a violent biker gang, hunting for her brother. Max has worked the last several weeks to turn an old hunting cabin, out on the fringes of the team’s property, into a romantic retreat…the perfect spot to pop the question.

Unfortunately, they aren’t alone out there in the remote woods. Something unseen stalks the long nights of December, a threat that wasn’t discovered until Max and Hope were already outside the wire.

Will they have a shot at true happiness? Or will they have to shelve their dreams in order to fight a new and terrible enemy?

What's Next From Elaine Levine

Owen and Addy: A Red Team Wedding Novella  (Red Team #14)


I'm hoping to bring Owen & Addy's novella out toward the end of May, 2018. Watch this space for updates and subscribe to my newsletter (http://geni.us/GAlUjx) so you're sure to know about my latest releases!


New and Exciting Adventures!

Hey guys! I think we need to chat! 

I’ve mentioned a few times over the last year that I’m exploring a new direction in the next series (O-Men) and was planning on using the Red Team novellas as a bridge to the new series. For readers who’ve come up through the Red Team series, the novellas will be a nice extra, giving both updates on the team and peeks at what’s coming in the new series.

Readers who haven’t read the Red Team won't need to in order to understand what’s happening in the O-Men. Of course, if they enjoy the new series, the Red Team will be there, waiting for them.


The O-Men is a natural progression that comes from what I built in the Red Team. It will still be romance / action & adventure / mystery / romantic suspense, like the Red Team. I call it “light paranormal” because it’s in territory that is “other than normal as we know it now.” It won’t have angels, demons, gods, vamps, shifters, ghosts or other elements we associate with paranormal stories. It will have genetically (and maybe technologically) enhanced humans—not a huge leap from where science is currently heading in real life.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I write because I’m curious about stuff. All kinds of stuff. I feel I’ve investigated a segment America’s past with my historical westerns. And I’ve explored some topical things in our contemporary society in the Red Team. And now I’m taking a peek into the near future with the O-Men.

One area flows into the next seamlessly for me, but I realize it may not for you. For example, geographically, my Men of Defiance stories are placed in the area of present day Wolf Creek Bend. I’m not positive, but it’s possible Defiance might have been the ghost town on the BLM property in Kit and Max’s novels. Or perhaps, Defiance morphed into Wolf Creek Bend. I don’t know. I have more westerns to write, so I might delve into that.

What’s been going on in the Omni tunnels has led me to other questions, other things and situations that I’m curious about. Like human enhancements that, in real life, are on the precipice of becoming mainstream. Are we still human if we’re different than other unenhanced humans? I’m so curious about that. I don’t know what the answer is.

I do know that my brand is sexy stories with strong male leads and (to me, anyway) interesting female leads. I do know that my stories are always about love, first and foremost, no matter the setting or time period or subject matter. 

I hope that you’ll go on a new adventure with me as we move into the O-Men. At my retreat last year, I was trying to describe the O-Men during our circle time. What I realized is that I can best define it by what it’s not. It’s sort of futuristic, but not. It’s sort of sci-fi, but not. It’s sort of dystopian, but not. It’s sort of contemporary, but not. It’s sort of paranormal, but not. Maybe it’s best described as paranormal romantic suspense? 

The O-Men will have four stories (Bastion, Merc, Guerre, and Liege), all set in a remote area of Colorado. After that, I’m going to jump back in time to do a couple more historical westerns, maybe a few historicals. I already have one written covering the end of the Civil War in Virginia with Rafe McCaid, Julian McCaid’s brother. I want do a story about Cherokees and slaves in the time just before the Trail of Tears (Julian and Rafe’s grandparents). I have in mind a story that takes place in Jamaica in the 1840s (Julian and Rafe’s parents). LOL—I’m thinking it’ll round out a McCaid saga. And there’s a fantastic gothic historical set in England that I’m dying to write (no pun intended). 

I have lots of stories planned, all of them super fun, all very different. I think being excited about the work I do is the secret sauce to writing what I hope will be great stories. Some books may or may not be in your wheelhouse, but I do hope you’ll give them a try! 

I love and need your feedback to help steer the ship, but also understand that I have to go where my curiosity takes me…and where that might lead is anyone’s guess!