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Razed Glory (Red Team #7)

Raised inside the secret society of a hidden cult, Ace Myers has dedicated herself to exposing the crimes of her enemies…an endeavor she expects will cost her her life. Before her time runs out, there’s a wrong she must set right…a mission that causes her to cross paths with Valentino Parker and his team of counter-terrorist operatives. 

Gorgeous, seductive, and way-out-of-her-reach, Val shows her another side of life, one of light and hope and possibilities that wake her heart and make her dream of things that can never be—not in her world, not in her lifetime.

Val Parker is pulling apart the mysteries woven around him, the puppet strings that prescribe his choices, which are slowly choking him. Nothing in his life was truly as he believed it, and his discoveries may cost him everything he holds dear—his family, his team, and Ace Myers…the one woman he wants to keep forever.

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DEADLY CREED (Red Team #8)

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The dead just don’t seem to stay dead…

A recent grad with a degree in gifted ed, Wynn Ratcliff jumped at the chance to be a young linguistic savant’s private tutor. The job let her stay near her grandmother while was she recovering from her stroke. Unfortunately, the terrific opportunity came with some horrific negatives…namely catching the eye of her employer’s enemies. After her grandmother’s murder, Wynn fled back to the safety of the real world and her life as it was before she met Angel Cordova and his team of terrorist hunters. 

She soon discovers the reality she thought she was returning to is gone…or perhaps, it never existed.

Former spec ops soldier, Angel Cordova, has no choice but to retrieve Wynn when he learns she’s being stalked by the enemy his team is fighting. It’s not entirely against her will that he brings her back to the team’s headquarters, but it is under duress. Keeping her safe means steamrolling the life of her dreams. Setting her free means handing her over to their enemies, all wrapped up in a sparkly bow. 

It’s a choice no man should ever have to make about the woman he loves…one he knows she will not quietly accept.