How to Read Your MOBI or EPUB File on Your Favorite Device

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to download a Kindle/MOBI or EPUB file. Here's what to do with it:

To Read on a Kindle or Kindle App:

Make sure you've chosen a "MOBI" file, which is the proprietary Amazon/Kindle file type. This page at can help you transfer a MOBI file to your Kindle account. You will be shown how to download the file, then attach it to an email and send it to your private Kindle account email, which puts it in your Kindle library. Remember that each Kindle device has its own email address. If you have multiple Kindles and/or Kindle apps, confirm which one you are sending it to! Something else to check is whether you have Personal Document Archiving enabled. This setting can be found by logging into your Amazon account, navigating to Your Content and Devices, opening the Settings tab, expanding the Personal Document Settings section. There you will be able to find your device-specific Kindle emails. And you can set your archiving option. Enabling archiving lets any book you mail to one of your devices be put directly into your Kindle library so that it will be available on your other devices.

Personal Document Archiving on Kindle.png


To Read on an iPad or iPhone or an Android tablet or device:

Choose the "EPUB" file type and open the file by touching it. On an iPhone or iPad, this will launch the iBooks application. It couldn't be easier.

On an Android device, touching the file should launch an e-reader. If it doesn't, you can download any number of e-reader apps to open the file.

To Read on a computer:

On a Mac, downloaded EPUB files will launch automatically in iBooks.

On a PC, you will need to download Adobe's free e-reader software, Adobe Digital Editions.

To Read on a Nook:

Download Adobe Digital Editions and follow their instructions to link your Nook to the computer via USB cable.

Getting Help:

Contact Elaine Levine at if you have followed these instructions and are still not able to access your new ebook.

Copyrighted Material:

Please remember that this is copyrighted material licensed for your personal use. This file may not be shared or distributed.