Men of Defiance

From a captivating new voice in romance comes a sexy, intriguing series set amidst the rugged grandeur of the American frontier. . .



When Rachel Douglas left her aunt's house in Virginia for the wilds of the Dakota Territory, she knew the journey would be long and arduous. But she didn't realize that she had been summoned west to be used as a pawn in a ranch war with her father's neighbor--or that her fierce, sudden attraction to Sager, her father's hired gun, would put her heart and her life in jeopardy. 
Seducing Rachel and feeding a bitter feud between the two ranches was Sager's plan of vengeance against those who slaughtered his Shoshone family. Instead, Rachel's guileless mix of courage and vulnerability touches the conscience he thought he'd buried long ago, and draws them both into a passion without rules, without limits--one that will change their destinies forever. . . 

Elaine Levine pens a story of adventure, love and redemption. The characters pop right off the page and are truly realistic. The plot is seamless, full of twists and turns that keep the reader enthralled. I loved the interactions between Sager and Rachel and I wonder if some of the secondary characters will have their own stories. Levine scores a victory with Rachel and the Hired Gun.
— Nicole, Four and a Half Stars from Manic Readers!
Excellent read and great characters. Elaine Levine is an awesome author whose writing is timeless
— Reader, Five Stars
The characters are vivid and the plot was really interesting. Even the secondary characters are memorable. I highly recommend this book if you like western historical romances. Elaine Levine is a talented writer, I have read several of her books and she does not disappoint.
— Reader, Five Stars


Audrey and the maverick

In Elaine Levine's stunning novel of the American West, a proud rancher and a determined young woman are drawn together in the lawless town of Defiance.
Virginia financier Julian McCaid has put his troubled past behind him. His plans for the future don't include Audrey Sheridan, the extraordinary frontier woman he met just once. But it's because of her that he's come to the Dakota Territory to investigate problems at his ranch. And it's all the more surprising when he discovers she isn't the innocent he believed. Now nothing but her complete surrender will purge her from his soul.
If it weren't for the children she cares for in her makeshift orphanage, Audrey would have left Defiance long ago. Now the sheriff is blackmailing her to distract the man who might derail his corrupt schemes--a man who can offer Audrey not just protection, but a passion bold enough to make them claim their place in this harsh and beautiful land. . .



Leah and the Bounty Hunter

They are brash, they are brave, and when they see a chance to be a hero, they take it. They are the Men of Defiance, and they are not easily tamed...
To Leah Morgan's mind, the last thing her hometown of Defiance needs is another gunman stalking its dusty streets-especially one as sweet-talking and fine-looking as Jace Gage. Despite her warnings, the infuriating man seems determined to meddle in her life and risk his own, all for a town that can't be saved and a heart she locked away long ago. 
Professional bounty hunter Jace Gage has cleaned up plenty of corrupt towns in his lifetime, and he knows he can handle whatever Defiance's thugs have to offer. But the town's most lawful citizen is another story. Beautiful, willful and exasperating at every turn, Leah is the one person capable of bringing the ruthless gunslinger to his knees-and capturing his desire with a single kiss...



Logan's outlAW

Confident and coolheaded, nothing shakes a Man of Defiance--except a woman he can't resist. . . 
Sarah Hawkins survived capture by the Sioux, but after her escape she faced public scorn. Now, she'll do anything to start over, and the dusty town of Defiance promises the anonymity and security she needs. Before she melts into the shadows, though, it's her mission to put a great injustice to rights, and that means jeopardizing her safety once more. 
But this time, she's not alone. Without meaning to, Sarah has fallen under the protection of Logan Taggert, a rough-and-tumble trader unused to caring for others--and yet unable to ignore the tempting, tenacious woman's plight. Though she refuses to trust him, Logan won't leave her side, keeping her one step ahead of danger. . .even as she takes hold of the very thing he never thought he'd risk: his heart.

Levine is an excellent writer who makes readers care about her characters, but also adds historical perspective on a part of the country she obviously loves. If readers want satisfying historical romance, they need go no further than Levine to get their fill.
— Pat Henshaw, All About Romance, selected as a Desert Isle Keeper!!

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The Men of Defiance series continues with the long-awaited conclusion to Chayton’s story! 

The Artist... 
Alone on the remote prairie in Wyoming Territory, Agnes Hamilton plans to spend a summer painting landscapes of the rugged terrain…until she comes face to face with the renegade Lakota warrior hiding out in the bluffs above her rented cabin. As wild as the territory, haunted by all he’s lost, the warrior becomes the focus of her art, filling canvas after canvas like a madness.  

…And the Warrior
Chayton has lost everything to the white invaders—his family, his people, his world. He lives in the hunting grounds stolen from his tribe, a Lakota warrior, feared by all, claimed by none…until she invades his valley—and his heart. Something about the blue-eyed woman draws him out of the dark place he’s existed in for so long, but loving her means he’ll have to step into her world and claim the heritage left him by his white mother…and that he will never do.