O-Men: Liege’s Legion

The O-Men is a dark and seductive series, filled with danger and passion. It’s a new series that’s a spin-off from the Red Team.

NOTE: You won’t need to have read the Red Team before starting the O-Men—but you’ll sure want to after reading about these sexy heroes who are fighting the same enemy!




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He’s not a robot. He’s not a human. He’s both. 

Liege, changed against his will into a super soldier by nanotechnology, is driven to protect humanity from the evil intent of his enemies. But the deadly focus he was wired for comes to a crashing halt when he sees her, a female who ignites in him a very human hunger, one he no longer thought himself capable of feeling.

Summer Coltrane is oblivious to the powers swirling around her--light and dark, evil and good--until the veil between both worlds is ripped open and she’s plunged into a terrible power play between a darkly tempting warrior and his ruthless enemies.

To stay alive, she must join forces with Liege, a man who kills without remorse to save those he loves in a war no one in her world can know about.

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You can read the first chapter here => http://geni.us/DyASdz!

Length: Approximately 450 pages/98K words
Ages: 18 & up (story contains adult content, profanity, and violence)